Monday, January 11, 2016

A Life Advocating For Others

"Let freedom ring"
These were the words used by Dr. Martin Luther King.
He cared enough to give his best, 
never tolerating violent protest. 
He did not support the idea of silence,
and he did not agree with the method of violence. 

"Let freedom ring"
These were the words quoted by King.
He preached about love for every single one of us, 
No more should anyone sit in the back of a bus. 
Peace and equality were always front and center of his mind, 
advocating for everyone to be considered  part of mankind. 

"Let freedom ring"
These were the words often spoken by King.
He believed in equality and treating one another like sisters and brothers, 
and with this belief he dedicated his life to serving all others.
He did what was fair and always what was good, 
he gave to those in need, all that he could.

"Let freedom ring"
These were the words echoed by King.
He did not believe in the words "separate" or "segregate,"
he preached about love for all and how not to hate.
For him it did not matter the color of one's face, 
in his eyes, we were all equal and of the same race. 

"Let freedom ring"
These were the words announced by King.
We've heard his speech and about his dream, 
righteousness and determination were part of his theme.
He longed and hoped for a better future for his children and his wife, 
in doing so he sacrificed his own precious life. 

"Let freedom ring"
These were the words heard by King.
He has been honored and quoted long after his death,
leaving me wondering what was said in his last breath.
I know what I would have said if I were Dr Martin Luther King, 
"Let freedom ring!"

"It is NOT a race issue, it is NOT a gender issue, it is NOT a status issue, it is NOT an abled or a disabled IS a human rights issue!" - Melissa Cote

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