Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Cross Country Blanket


This is not JUST a blanket, this is her life line, her constant, her meltdown diffuser, and her connection to the world. It is in just about EVERY picture I've ever taken of her. She eats with it, she wraps her whole body in it when she sleeps, it goes in the sand box and sensory table with her, and she would take it in the tub if we let her.

One of my friends started a Facebook post to help find a back up blanket for Zoey to help keep her calm if hers needed to be washed or even scarier if hers were to ever be lost. If that happened, well my husband and I didn't even want to think about that!

My friend is aware that Zoey's blanket is getting old and worn. When we wash it, it physically and mentally hurts her. She will cry and scream and wait at the gate to the stairs until it comes out...and that happens even though we wash and dry it all alone so it gets done quicker!

I'm in Awe of how far the
picture of her blanket went. So many people all over the country were looking for it. You see I had already been searching on my own for months, with no luck!

People that have never met my beautiful Zoey all stopped what they were doing to help her!

People shared the post, looked through their own items, and searched the Internet. It made it to the sale sites and Mommy groups and Blogs here in New Hampshire too! I was amazed!! People had stopped everything that they were doing and were on the hunt for this blanket, or at very least one close to it.

People that have never met my beautiful Zoey all rallied to help find her a back up blanket.

It took 1 Day of a picture of her blanket going viral! That night I got a Facebook Message that a woman in Louisville, KY had searched through a pile of items that she was getting ready to donate and found a blanket almost completely identical to Zoey's. She was mailing it the next day.

I was overcome with happy tears! The woman who sent it also has 2 children on the Spectrum so she knew how big a deal this was for Zoey. I offered money and to pay shipping and she said "No need."

The blanket arrived in the mail 3 days later and Zoey took to it immediately! I never met or spoke with this woman, and she has no idea how she changed our lives. This Blanket is her EVERYTHING!

I sent a Thank you card to this woman, but no card or words could ever express my thanks and appreciation for what she did for Zoey. If she ever comes across this and reads it...Thank You, Thank You So Much!

I'm thankful for the kindness and generosity of friends and people helping people! And because I am Zoey's voice, I thank you from her as well!

© 2015
Melissa Cote 

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