"Conversion disorder, also called functional neurological symptom disorder, is a condition in which you show psychological stress in physical ways. The condition was so named to describe a health problem that starts as a mental or emotional crisis — a scary or stressful incident of some kind — and converts to a physical problem." - Mayo Clinic
Eight years ago I suffered a massive nervous breakdown, but it's really not politically correct or medically professional to call it that anymore. And just for the record, saying "I lost my mind" is not PC either. 
If you are wondering or had ever wondered "What the hell happened to her?"
That's what happened to me and it's ok to talk about it. 
I'm sick. I have mental illness. 
I'm not hiding from my family and friends, I don't mean to decline your invites and I'm sorry if you think that I've "checked out" of your life. It wasn't you, it was me. 
I really want to thank the few friends and the few family members that never gave up on me, you stood by me and you called me, just to check in on me, and you came to visit me at my house, even though I was hiding out from a scary world that had forced me to lock myself away for my own safety. You loved me for me...unconditionally me! 
Unconditional love is such an amazingly strong love and I thank you for your unconditional love for me, it hasn't gone unnoticed, please know that.
And to those of you that put me "out of sight and out of your mind." 
it's ok, it really is ok...you didn't know! But now that you do know, please don't treat me differently.
And please I need you to know this, I am still the same person, I am still me, except now, I'm completely awake! 
My reason for coming out is simple...Don't be afraid to ask if someone you love is ok, don't hesitate to pick up the phone and call and check on someone that you love, and if you have a loved one out of sight, please don't put them out of your mind, they may just need you so much more than you realize.