Friday, December 25, 2015

The love a parent has for their special needs child

Either by choice or by accident you decide to bring life into this world.

A mother carries her baby from the time the ge/she is as small as pea until the baby is ready to take his or her first breath. 

This is a big responsibility and one that should not be taken lightly. A mothers love for her child starts before they are even born. 

When a mother or father holds their baby in their arms for the first time, it is like nothing else. It is bigger and better than any feeling, emotion, or thought. It is a blessing, miracle, it's magic! 

As a parent you hold that baby in your arms and you make a vow, you promise, and you swear to God to protect this child from hurt and pain, because, this child came from you, your very own creation, the greatest thing you've ever made. There is NO other love like this. 

You love your parents, you love your spouse/significant other, but it's not and never will compare to the love you have for your beautiful creation. This child you carried, that came from you, this beautiful being that you would lay down your life for in an instant...that kind of love, that is a parents love. 

What if your creation came into this world even more special than you could have ever imagined? What if your child was as fragile as an egg? What if you were not just a mother or a father, but you are now a mother/father as well as the caretaker?

That vow, that promise, that you made, intensifies to a whole new level. 

Imagine you have something and it is the most precious thing to you and you keep it safe and secure so that no one hurts or breaks it on you. You hide it away, you don't share it with others, and you protect it. 

Think about it, do you have something like that? 

You do, great! 

Now multiply that by whatever the highest number is on the is still not enough! The love a parent has for their child is indescribable. 

As a parent, when you have a medically fragile child or a child with disabilities that needs you to not only be their mommy or daddy, but also their caretaker, you now have the weight of the world and the weight of your child's world on top of your shoulders on top of that you still and always will have that indescribable 

It's scary, it's emotional, and all you think about, day and night is your promise to this beautiful creation. 

You fight for your child to get the treatment that they deserve, you use your voice to fight for your child because they can't and until they do and can speak for themselves, you are not going to stand quietly by while your child needs you to advocate for him/her. 

Your creation deserves that! 

As you do this, you are teaching this child that he/she is loved, you are teaching him/her how to advocate so that they know how to do it themselves, by you not giving up, you are showing them  how to be strong. 

As a parent you are raising your child to be independent for that day when you are no longer here, you prep them for the world and you give them every single tool that you have, because if you don't, you are setting them up to fail.

A parents love won't let that happen! 

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