Friday, October 30, 2015

Why I didn't think Modern Family's Halloween Episode Was Funny or Showed a Modern Family At All

I love Halloween, always have!

There are pumpkins and apples, trick or treating, costumes, parties, pumpkin spice everything, and Halloween themed TV shows for kids and adults...oh did I mention it is also happens to be my Birthday!

This year I was skimming through channels and I happened to find that Modern Family on ABC (owned by Disney) was airing a rerun of last year's Halloween show. I generally like this show and have laughed at many of it's episodes, I had not seen this Halloween episode that actually aired on October of 2014 so I was happy to see it as a rerun this year.

I didn't find it funny at all, and it didn't depict a "Modern Family" to me either. This show is supposed to focus on diversity and acceptance for all families, that's why I liked this show, but I gotta tell ya, after seeing this episode I wasn't impressed.

The show started off great, I have seen their Halloween episodes in previous years and have laughed at how much Claire really loves Halloween and how she gets into it by having the scariest house on the block, that's her thing and it's funny! This episode she had to work on Halloween and Phil, her husband on the show was in charge of Halloween this year. He was excited to be in charge because he was finally going to have a non scary Halloween, he was turning their house into "Awesome Land." Claire learns that her neighbors have a new competition happening in the neighborhood, every neighbor puts in $20.00 and whoever has the scariest house wins. It's funny because this is "Claire's thing...Halloween is her thing" there is no way that her neighbors are going to outdo her on Halloween. She calls out of work and enlists her children to stop what they are doing, tear down "Awesome  Land" and turn their house into the scariest house on the block.

* Commercial Break *

See, good so far! However, they lost me after they came back from Commercials. The show is back on and the Dunphy house has been turned into their idea of what they think is scary. I wasn't scared, I was shocked at what I was seeing and hearing. The house had been turned into a gory Mental hospital! She had her daughter Alex on a gurny with her hands chained and her son Luke standing upright with a straight jacket on...WOW what a way to send a message that Mental illness is scary, try living with it like I do. It is scary for me, I don't want people to be scared of me, is this the message that the creators of this show really want to send to millions of viewers, and at one point it looked as though they were going to redeem themselves in the episode by having someone being offended by this display...but in the end it was a joke! Is that the message? Mental illness is a joke?I live with it, and I'm sorry but I don't find it funny at all! Then I heard something else that just floored me. The son, Luke is standing upright in his straight jacket and he has fallen asleep, when he is woken up he says "wow, this thing is so tight, it's like a Temple Grandin hug."

Whoa!! Did they just go there?
Yup, they did!

I didn't care for that either, you see my youngest daughter was diagnosed with Autism last year and I find it offensive for someone to reference a tight hug to Temple Grandin...a true advocate and someone diagnosed with ASD.

To me that is just as bad as finding someone referencing something that they think is bad, uncool, yucky, or different to words such as: queer, gay, crazy, or retarded!

This type of show makes people think that it's okay to make fun of the mentally ill, and those who are Autistic. We need to be smarter than this people, end the stigma! With 1 in 68 being diagnosed with Autism and 1 in 25 adults just in the U.S. (10 million people) living with mental illness, well that is your Modern Family right there! We need acceptance and we need to end these stigmas on invisible diseases and disorders...we are more than a punchline in a joke on a hit TV comedy sitcom!

Be the change you want to see in the world. It's not black or white, gay or's Acceptance For All!

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