Thursday, August 6, 2015

5 ways autism has changed my life for the better

How having a child with special needs changed MY life for the better

1. When our daughter was diagnosed with Autism last August, I changed. I became someone that I never thought I'd be and someone that I would have admired, respected, and looked up to. I found my strength and my voice, because my daughter had no voice, she can't fight for herself, and so I became her fighter and her voice.

2. I have learned so much about Autism and therapies and Zoey's world that I'm not trying to change her world, I'm trying to learn how to be a part of her world. She is Amazing and inspires me daily.

3. I know that I have a right to be heard and that my child has the right to services and that I can say "No" if something is not working for her. She's made me fearless. 

4. I now truly know what unconditional love is. My child is a gift, how I got so lucky...I don't know. I get to see the magic of Zoey everyday and I am proud to be her Mom. 

5. I'm not a quitter, I will NEVER give up on hope, faith, and love for this child...she's made me stronger, better, louder, grateful, and proud 

Yes, Autism has changed my life and yes for the better. I am THAT person, I'm her person! We are all different not less. I'm not just a Wife and a Mom who suffers from Mental illness, I am a Mom, Wife, and now an Advocate who happens to have Mental illness with a daughter who happens to have Autism.  I am raising my true super hero...she hasn't just changed my life, she's saved my life! 

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