Friday, June 26, 2015

She's nonverbal but she sings beautifully

A nice nurse once told me "Don't EVER let them tell you that she won't talk!"

You hear a lot of famous singers say "I was singing before I was talking!"

 I'm here to tell you that I've seen it firsthand. 

My daughter Zoey was diagnosed with Autism just before her 2nd birthday and we were told that she was considered severely nonverbal. It was as if someone took all my air from my lungs, and my heart was pounding and aching as if it were in a vice grip, while my mind spun around with what we were just told.

We were just told that there was no guarantee that our beautiful 2 year old daughter may never speak, it hurt! 

My husband and I walked to the elevator with my husband carrying Zoey feeling shocked, emotional, and with no guarantee. We looked at each other and with tears in my eyes, my husband said "It changes nothing!"

Intensive in home therapies have been everyday now for a year, and we have seen Zoey make amazing progress and she is our beautiful almost 3 year old now and we have seen her do things we had no guarantee that she would do. She is Amazing. 

She is still considered nonverbal because she cannot speak, but what she lacks in words she totally amazes you with her voice...our baby can sing! Music is therapy for her, Music has allowed her to communicate through song and it is beautiful. We incorporate music into our daily routine and she sings all day long! 

So to that nice nurse that told me, "Don't EVER let them tell you she won't talk"

Thank you, she doesn't talk but she sings to me everyday! 

Here is one of my favorite songs that she sings...

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  1. My daughter is autistic too, she'll be 4 on Sunday. She doesn't speak yet either but we've noticed that she's starting to babble along in harmony to some of her favorite Yo Gabba Gabba songs. It blew us away!