Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Why we live in fear

When you become a parent you have hopes, dreams, and even fears of the unknown. It's normal, you carried this life inside of you, you brought him or her home with you and you made sure this little being had everything he or she needed...You became a Mother or Father and it was beautiful and terrifying all at the same time.

Am I doing it right? 

Is he or she hitting milestones? 

Does he or she know how much they are loved?

What did I do? 

Is he or she okay?

What happened? 

Tests and Evaluations and then more Tests  and Evaluations...you soon find out that you are not just any parent, you are a Special Needs Parent! 

Am I doing it right?

Is he or she getting everything and all services that they need?

Will he or she be okay?

What did I do wrong?

How can I help?

New fears come to your mind, fears you never thought that you would have to think about, and it hurts when you do think about them...why? Because this is your child! 
You are now a Mother, Father, Caretaker, Advocate, and most times the voice for your child! 

It's been almost a year since Zoey was diagnosed with autism...God, how I love and adore this child. She has taught me how to be a Warrior mom, an Autism mom, an Advocate, her Voice, and she's brought out strength in me that I NEVER knew I had...I thank God for her everyday! 

So, yes the fears of raising a child with autism are real and downright scary!!

Zoey doesn't hold hands, she doesn't always answer to her name, and she has bolted near our street and into our woods numerous times. She loves water and has no fear or safety awareness at all! My house is on lockdown with locks and furniture bolted to walls, the kitchen chairs are on top of our table, as she climbs EVERYTHING...if there is a way she will find it! 

We have a beautiful backyard where I wish she could go out in more often and just run and be a kid, but we can't get out there much because we don't have it fenced, and I can't take both toddlers out by myself. 

Wandering and Elopement are seen and heard all the time...that is my worst nightmare! 

So, we are applying for a Grant through our local area agency to see if we can fence our yard, I didn't even know things like that existed...So that's why I'm sharing this info. Talk to your local area agency find out if there are Grants that can help you keep your child safe from Bolting, Wandering, and Elopement. 

With Summer now upon us, the fear is more heightened...Safety comes first!

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