Saturday, March 21, 2015

Trust your gut

I started this blog to journal and keep a log of Zoey's journey through Early Intervention. I've been told EI is so important and I can tell you from first hand experience that it is!!! My mission with this page is to reach those parents who may be questioning and saying things like "is that that typical?" Trust your know your child better than anyone. I'm glad I listened to my inner voice!

Zoey has been receiving EI since she was 19 months old and is considered non verbal with the communication skills of a 6-8 month old! I was a scared Mom watching her baby getting agitated and frustrated and watched her retreat into her own little world. 

This is what I've been able to say all thanks to Early Intervention....

"She's never done that before!"

"She's making eye contact and looking me in the face again!"

"She's pulling us and we're making her hold our hand when she wants or needs something!"

"She hugs me!" ::tears::

"She sits with me or on my lap!" ::tears::

"Did you hear that, she said bye bye?!"

"She ate with a fork!"

"She plays with her sister and they laugh!" ::tears::

"She can sing the first 2 verses of Twinkle Little Star, and you can actually tell that's what she's singing!"

I know we have a long way to go still and there are so many things that she has done that have truly Amazed me that this post would be too probably already is, but I'm proud! ::tears:: I thank Early Intervention and I thank all of her therapists for helping this scared Mom learn how to get into her world and be apart of The Life of Zoey, she is a gift and I feel blessed that she's mine!

© 2015
Melissa Cote 

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